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The Touch 'Em All Analytics Blog

The Touch 'Em All Analytics Blog written completely by our Editor-in-chief, Caleb Whittemore. This column will take a look at different theories in baseball analytics and apply them in a way that makes sense to all baseball fans.

Most of the articles shown here are also published by me at FanGraphs.com. For questions or requests, you can email the site at touchemallanalytics@gmail.com.

Ranking Future Player Value

Updated: Dec 23, 2018

Answering the Question: "Whose the Best Player to Build a Team Around?"

\ Written by Caleb Whittemore \ Published September 17th, 2018 \

In this ranking I set out to answer the question, “Who is the best player to build your team around going forward?”. During this search I considered MLB players only, so minor league prospects were not considered. This search does not take into consideration the players current or future contract, just on-field production. In order to calculate this, I took the players WAR and multiplied it by 100 to get a whole number above 100. I then divided it by the players age, so the younger the player, the less their score is affected, hence the advantage of being young. This analysis does not fully predict the best player going forward, however it does answer the question of who to build around talent wise, assuming their production continues. The top 200 players are as follows:

War Calculated by FanGraphs on 9/4; Image by pintrist.com